One thing’s for sure, Netflix knows how to follow trends.

Since July of this year, Netflix (NFLX) has offered “Nights of Sidonia”, an anime they stream on their website exclusively.

The story focuses on a young man in the future, pushed into a saving his home; a space station, while on the run from monstrous aliens.

Standard japanimation formulas are abound with giant robots, obscure characters, and violence with massive explosions.

Numerous other animes have been added before and since then. Fan favorites Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist are included in the streaming service.

The list of Netflix exclusives and original shows grow with each passing season. “Orange Is The New Black” and “House Of Cards” top their streaming lists.

Other streaming websites push back, trying keeping up with Netflix. Hulu offers, among others, the drama “East Los High”, and animated comedy “Fugget About It”.

Amazon Prime offers its own plethora of originals, such as the mystery thriller, “The After”, and children’s show “Creative Galaxy”.

What do you think about streaming sites having exclusive access to TV shows? Any different than cable? The same? Share your thoughts in the comments below.