New 3DS Games Are On The Way | Zelda, Mario, Luigi & Many More!

New 3DS Games Are On The Way | Zelda, Mario, Luigi & Many More!

Back in February Nintendo declared 2013 to be the Year of Luigi – the year where Luigi will be able to take his first real step into the spotlight.

But despite this declaration, it seems that 2013 may once again be the Year of Link, with a number of Zelda releases already announced.

In Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata introduced and elaborated on a number of new 3DS games, including three additions to the Zelda line up.

The Year of Link?

Nintendo has already announced that it is working on a new Zelda title and a remake of The Wind Waker, both designed for the Wii U.

But now Nintendo has declared that is planning on bringing an all new Zelda game to the 3DS.

This new Zelda will be set in the same universe as the much acclaimed Super Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

A Link to the Past 2 will contain a completely new story-line, while maintaining a similar aesthetic to that of the original game.

The big N has yet to announce the game’s final title, but it has revealed that A Link to the Past 2 will make full use of the handheld’s 3D capabilities and be ready for a late 2013 release.

Nintendo also announced that two more Zelda titles will be gracing the 3DS virtual console.  The critically acclaimed Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons will be available at the 3DS eShop within months.

Mario Party 3DS

Satoru Iwata also announced a new 3DS version of Mario Party.

This new Mario Party will contain seven game boards, each with its own rules and unique gameplay style.

The new title will also contain new mini-games, some of which will rely on the unique features of the 3DS.

So far there is no word on what mutliplayer options Mario Party will include, but it is likely that local wireless gameplay will be an option.

The new Mario Party will also contain some shorter maps for more casual play and will be out later this year:

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Brothers

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Brothers is a 3DS platform whose story revolves around Mario and Luigi cooperating to save Princess Peach.  In the game, the Princess somehow becomes trapped within a dream, and Mario must enter Luigi’s dreams to take chase.

Mr. Iwata states that the dream setting of the new game will require players to solve new and unique puzzles, sometimes involving the use of multiple Luigis.

So far no release date has been announced for Dream Team.

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

This strategy game will require players to build a map out of blocks to create a pathway for miniature windup Mario and Donkey Kong figures.  The player needs to create a path that will make the Minis collect items and reach the goal.

Minis on the Move will include a number of mini-games and will allow player to create and share their own custom maps.  Minis will be available for download on May 9.

Mario Golf: World Tour

New details about the upcoming Mario Golf game emerged during Mr. Iwata’s presentation.  The Nintendo president stated that the new title will provide players with the ability to create and participate in large-scale competitions over the internet.

As for Mario Golf’s release date, Mr. Iwata said that it will “still [be] a little time before we release this game”.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

The new Donkey Kong Country will be a remake of the Nintendo Wii version.  The 3DS version will contain the original Wii game, and an easier difficulty setting for less involved 3DS play.  The new release will also contain eight new levels and local wireless co-op.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be out May 24 in stores or in the eShop.

Still More to Come
Nintendo also announced a number of other first and third party 3DS releases including:

  • Yoshi’s Island
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV
  • Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
  • Bugs vs. Tanks
  • The Starship Damrey
  • Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale

So, are you looking forward to any of Nintendo’s new offerings?  Do you think that it really is the Year of Luigi?  Share your thoughts below.

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