New App Offers Unlimited Coffee For A Monthly Fee – Is It Worth It?

New App Offers Unlimited Coffee For A Monthly Fee – Is It Worth It?

Coffee lovers in New York listen up:  CUPS, a new coffee club app offering unlimited cups of coffee launched yesterday in Manhattan.

CUPS is an Android and IOS app that lets customers pay a monthly fee in exchange for unlimited cups of coffee in participating cafes.  Based on pricing. this app could be worth your while, provided your not a once a day coffee drinker.

Your monthly fee will depend on what type of coffee you  drink: straight coffee drinkers get unlimited access for $45 a month; those who prefer the more exotic types, like  frappuccinos, cappuccino’s, lattes or iced coffees, will pay $85 for the month.

Although it sounds expensive, in reality it’s not.  If you drink two iced-coffees a day (around $2 in Manhattan) you’re spending $120 a month, so this app is saving you a little over $30.

Using the app is pretty simple too: just download the app and go to a participating cafe.   After you order, you enter your order into the app and give the cashier the payment code.

CUPS will also track your location (only with your permission) and tell you what nearby cafes are participating in the program.

There are a few negatives to this app.  Since it is new, there are only 31 participating cafes at the moment, and they are mostly located in lower Manhattan, the West and East Villages, Noho, and the Lower East Side.

Queens, Brooklyn and Williamsburg only have one location.  It is expected that more cafes will join in more locations now that it has launched.

The other downside to this app is it will only let you refill (not buy) once an hour, not so great if your spending hours at an internet cafe.

Time will tell if CUPS is as successful here as it was abroad.

What do you think of this new app?  Will you try it?  Tell us what you think below.

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