AppleAn Apple supplier appears to have let the cat out of the bag when it comes to Apple’s oft-rumored new TV set. Not only did they confirm its existence, but may have also mentioned its name.

China Daily is reporting today that Foxconn’s Chairman and President, Terry Gou, said the company was making preparations for the new Apple TV. The report was spotted by CNet, who says they have contacted Apple for a comment. If they get one, it will be a rare occurrence. Apple has a serious aversion to making any statements about future products and is famous for their ‘reveals.’

Not only did Gou apparently confirm the existence of the Apple TV, but may have also mentioned a name: iTV. This would maintain Apple’s previous naming convention, as their other products include the iPhone, iPad, iPod… though earlier rumors had suggested that it might be called the iPanel. The report is somewhat unclear though, as China Daily does not provide a direct quote with Gou using the name. It’s just referred to in this manner, “Gou said Foxconn is making preparations for iTV.”

The buzz about the possibility of an Apple TV set (as opposed to the Apple TV set-top-box), has been growing steadily after a reports came in of a prototype model being spotted in Canada. The TV is said to include Siri, gesture control, and even a camera that can track a user moving about a room for use in video calls.