New Battlefield 3 Download Scheduled For September 4

New Battlefield 3 Download Scheduled For September 4

DICE just announced that the next Battlefield 3 download will be available on September 4. The title of the download is Armored Kill and it marks the third expansion for the highly successful first person shooter game.

All the Play Station 3 gamers that subscribed in the past to the Premium Battlefield 3 package will get a chance to take a look at Armored Kill next week. Only after that will the Xbox 360 and the PC versions will be available, with the official release date on September 11.

Regular Play Station 3 package owners will receive access to Armored Kill on September 18. Other players can download on September 25. An arrangement between Sony and EA is the reason why PS users gain early access to Battlefield 3 downloads.

Armored Kill will be familiar to gamers because of the fact that the expansion is very similar to the game’s roots. It will focus on very big maps and new vehicles. This includes ATVs, an aerial gunship, and new tanks. A brand new game mode called Tank Superiority is included in Armored Kill. It will see players fighting in a tank warfare setting in order to cover key positions on a map.

Here’s a look at Battlefield 3, Armored Kill:


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