New Blackberry Smartphones To Be Revealed, After Embarrassing Day

The makers of the Blackberry are poised to reveal two… maybe three… new smartphones to boost their reputation following a day of turmoil for the Canadian company.

There is wide expectation that the three new phones will be unveiled on Tuesday afternoon, although the company is saying nothing officially.

Instead, they have teased their customers by hinting on their social network sites that something important will be announced on Tuesday. It’s out of the ordinary for a massive company to unveil a huge product without the usual months of expectation and tiny bits of information being leaked. Yet it is just what the Blackberry makers Research in Motion need after a day of humiliation. The company admitted on Monday they will have to cut 2,000 jobs, which is nearly 11 per cent of their work force. It is seen by industry insiders as a desperate attempt to stop the company from being further overtaken in the competitive phone market.

While Research in Motion is widely acclaimed for the invention of the smart phone, their dominance of the North American market has dwindled recently, mainly because of stiff competition from Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, who have both overtaken the Blackberry as the most popular smart phones.

So the announcement of three new products may just help to save the skins of co-chiefs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsille. Both have been accused of being slow to embrace new ideas as the company have also suffered falling sales and top executives leaving.

So the Blackberry people will be hoping today’s announcement of the new products will see them return to the top of the smart phone market.