New Brunswick, Canada – Things To Do While Visiting!

New Brunswick, Canada – Things To Do While Visiting!

Have you ever heard of the little eastern province in Canada called New Brunswick?

New Brunswick, Canada, is one of the smallest locations in Canada, population wise.

However, it has a very large area of forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife and most of all, places to get lost in!

Coming from New Brunswick myself, I can write from a first hand perspective better than any travel expert could in a big city like New York.

New Brunswick is home to a lot of things, one of the more popular areas in New Brunswick for tourists is Hopewell Rocks, which has the highest tides in the world.

Hopewell Rocks is located in the Bay of Fundy, in the southern area of the province. Tides range from 40-70 feet in height. The rocks peak at a height of 70 feet with some of them having trees and other types of vegetation on the top. The area is great for learning about the moon’s affect on the ocean.

New Brunswick is also home to some of the largest spaces of uninhabited land in Canada.

Since the population is so small and the land mass is so big, there are areas in the province which have never been touched by humans. New Brunswick is a very popular hot spot for people interested in hunting or exploring outdoor activities like fly fishing, trapping, four wheeling and hiking.

Mount Carleton is, at 817 meters, the highest elevation in New Brunswick. It’s also the highest Appalachian mountain in the maritime provinces. There are many different species of wildlife. Bald Peak is a brother mountain to Carleton and there are tours which allow you to climb all the mountains in the area during a weekend stay at the national park, where you can enjoy camping and fishing activities.

Aside from all of the wildlife and outdoor activities, New Brunswick has a large collection of downtown historic bars and taverns which attract visitors from all over the world. The Pump House Brewery in Moncton is known for its infamous blueberry ale. The fresh picked blueberries floating on top of the beer add an extra hint of flavor to this already delicious drink.

There is so much to do in New Brunswick that you won’t be able to accomplish all the activities within a week’s time.

There are small villages and towns scattered all over the province. We have some of the best food, beer and, most importantly, hunting grounds in the country.

While many activities are popular here, it seems as though most people love coming to our province to simply escape into the wilderness for weeks on end.

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