Disney’s Frozen – Check Out The New Trailer – Looks Like Tangled!

Disney’s Frozen – Check Out The New Trailer – Looks Like Tangled!

A new trailer for Disney’s Frozen was just released.

Checking it out, the graphics are great! The movie will be released in 3-D, it looks like it will be a pretty neat experience.

Moving past the quality of the graphics though, it looks a lot like Tangled.

I’m not the first to notice. It’s been mentioned quite a bit in various forums and on YouTube comments below some of the previews that Disney has released of Frozen.

Watching the video, be sure to notice the horse. If that’s not the same darn horse that was in Tangled, perhaps recolored, it’s his brother.

Next notice the personalities of the couple. Looks like the same characters!

Different situation certainly, friendly cartoon character added (the snowman), a monster or two included for good measure.

The film is from Walt Disney Animation Studios, which did produce Tangled as well. That was back in 2010. Since then they’ve made Winnie the Pooh and Wreck-it Ralph. The similarities between Tangled and Frozen are interesting in that the films are directed and produced by totally different people, though of course within the same studio.

Now I’m not saying it’s going to be a bad movie. On the contrary, I expect it will be very entertaining. And as I mentioned earlier, the graphics look awesome, and I see lots of opportunity for 3-D goodness.

I just suspect some of it will have a déjà vu like feeling to it.

Frozen is based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson called The Snow Queen. It’s quite a story, all about the struggle between good and evil.

Disney’s Frozen will be released in US theaters on November 27, 2013.

Here’s the preview video trailer from Disney. Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below – and follow me by email for all the latest!

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