New Doctor Who S8 Finale Trailer Released – Check It Out!

The latest trailer for the final two episodes of Doctor Who, Season 8, has been released by BBC.

While this season has been hit or miss for some (I have found it mostly a huge hit), lots of questions remain.

The trailer offers us hope that some of our questions will be answered. We may find out more about who Missy is, and what’s the promised land.

It also leaves a lot of things off the table.

There’s a scene with Clara taking away the Doctor’s key (which I could go on about how ridiculous this is for a long time, but won’t). Missy greeting the Doctor as though they are old friends. Clara denying her entire existence, and a butt load of Cybermen walking around.

Am I the only one excited/nervous about this whole finale?

Here’s the preview trailer – leave your comments below!

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