New Dragon Professional: $300 New, $99 Upgrades

Nuance announced a new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking this morning – and it’s no longer called Dragon NaturallySpeaking!

The Dragon voice-to-text program is now called Dragon Professional.

The new program is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Nuance also revealed a new version of Dragon for Mac.

Dragon Professional will also work on both IOS and Android mobile devices

There are two versions of Dragon Professional, Individual and Group. The Group version allows groups of Dragon users to save shared customizations and lets administrators track how employees use Dragon.

During this morning’s announcement, Nuance demonstrated a new feature that can transcribe a voice from an audio file from any speaker, no ‘training’ required.

They also showed off a new cloud feature that allows users to save customized vocalizations and shortcuts to a cloud that can be shared amongst a user’s devices. They call this new item Dragon Anywhere. It will be available through a monthly or annual subscription.

The full retail price of Dragon Professional, Individual, is $300. It’s available for pre-ordering through Nuance and will be available for downloading on August 31.

Dragon for Mac 5 is $200, is also available for pre-ordering, and will be available sometime in September.

The price and availability of Dragon Professional Group is customized for each organization.

Nuance did not say if current users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 will receive any discounts for upgrading to Dragon Professional.

Though the price of Dragon Professional, Individual, is pretty darn steep for bloggers, I expect we’ll see it on sale fairly often and discounted at various resellers, similar to the way that Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been discounted.

***** *update* *******

According to an email being sent to registered Nuance customers, registered customers may upgrade from Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Dragon Professional, Individual, for $99.

A link in the email goes straight to the order page with the customer’s id.


Are you a Dragon NaturallySpeaking user? What would you like to have seen in the new program?

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