Eggs RecalledJust when consumers thought the salmonella scare couldn’t get much worse, it does. The number of eggs recalled just keeps growing – and now it’s from more than one producer.

Hillandale Farms of Iowa has recalled its eggs, which have been distributed to stores and companies in 14 states. These eggs are labeled under the brand names: Hillandale Farms, Sunny Farms and Sunny Meadows, and came in six, twelve, eighteen, thirty and five dozen cases. Some loose eggs, repackaged by resellers, were sold under the brand names: Wholesome Farms and West Creek, in 15 and 30 dozen tray packs.

If consumers have these brands they should check for plant numbers P-1860 with dates ranging from 099 to 230, and P-1663 with dates ranging from 137 to 230.

The CDC has said that hundreds of Americans have gotten sick from the contaminated eggs in the last few months. Between May and July, 1,953 instances of Salmonella were reported. Typically the number would have been around 700. While the CDC can not say for certain how many of those cases are linked to this outbreak, it’s suspected to be a large number. And it will likely grow because reports are continuing to come in.

Sherri McGarry calls this one of the worst egg recalls in history, but says the cases of Salmonella could have been prevented. New rules, that began July 9, would have helped prevent this outbreak. However, the rules took affect a little too late for this particular situation.

Consumers are advised to take recalled eggs back to where they purchased them for a full refund.