New Free Shopping App To Make Scanning & Buying Even Easier

New Free Shopping App To Make Scanning & Buying Even Easier

Israel-based company, BuyCode, Inc. has created a new application for mobile devices that allows users to make online purchases of products listed in a retailer’s print advertisements using image recognition technology.

A shopper using the Pounce app is able to use the camera on their smartphone or tablet to scan an item shown in a merchant’s ads.

The user will then be automatically directed to the store’s website in order to complete the purchase.

Once the item is scanned, the app will inform the customer of the purchase price and shipping costs.

Avital Yachin, Chief Executive of BuyCode stated:

“We are able to match an image with an actual product available online. Our vision is to allow purchasing of any product in any print ad.”

Pounce users store their shipping and billing information into the app. When making a purchase, the app shares the user’s stored information with the retailer using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and data encryption. This allows the customer to  quickly and securely complete their order, taking the online purchasing experience to a new level of simplicity.

While BuyCode, Inc. plans to expand the list of retailers that their application supports, customers are now able to purchase items from Target, Staples, Toys “R” Us, and Ace Hardware.

BuyCode offers Pounce free of charge.

While the product is currently only available for Apple users, the company hopes to provide an Android version soon.

They also plan to expand their services to include ads from magazines, catalogs, and billboards.

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