Going back to school can be a fun and exciting event for some, as reported by NBC’s Today, and part of the fun is said to be getting new clothes and school supplies.

All that enthusiasm can quickly fade, but here are a few weird and oddball school supplies that might extend the “fun” aspect of the new school year.

Electronic Rock Guitar Bag:

This looks like a messenger bag with a guitar imprinted on the front that can actually be played! There is a small amp attached to it so the owner of this bag can strum the strings and play a chord. It actually sounds real, no matter if the “strummer” can play a guitar or not. This Oddball school gear can be found for $49.00 plus in online stores.

Rubber Band It Pen

This pen works like a regular pen but it can be loaded with a rubber band and shot at any target. The pen is available for about $5 on CubicleBot.


Although it is called “Beerdaleer”, this oddly named container can carry soda or drinking water for the student and can be purchased for about $10 at Timbuktu.

Target Alarm Clock

This clock doesn’t shut off unless the user shoots a bullseye with the included remote laser gun. $24.95 at Baron Bob.

Bubble Wrap Keychain

It has been said that there is something innately pleasurable and relaxing about popping bubble wrap. This keychain helps relieve stress through what is reported to be an innate and relaxing pleasure in popping bubble wrap.   This product can be “popped” over and over again, and it sounds like the real thing. $3.99 at Nerd Approved.

R2-D2 Electronic Lunch Kit

This R2-D2 electronic lunch kit from Thermos keeps food warm or cool, and includes buttons that operate “Star Wars/R2-like” lights and sounds for lunchtime entertainment. It is available for $12.99 at That’s Nerdalicious.


The Sbyke is a composite of a bike, skateboard and scooter and helps the student navigate the campus from one end to another without confusion.  Its manageable size makes it easy to park and offers a safe ride and precise steering.  It is good on smooth and uneven roads and paths.  It is available for about $249.99 at Amazon.