A new Google Doodle has been released. This time it is commemorating Paul Cezanne on the day that marks his 172nd birthday.

Although Cezanne died in 1906, his legacy still lives on. His work was a foundation that allowed the transition between the artistic endeavor conception of the nineteenth century to the new art that was noticed in the twentieth century through cubism.

His work was considered to be a wonderful combination of color, tone, design, draftsmanship and composition.

According to critics, Cezanne was a visionary that did work that was ahead of his time. Google tried to mark this though the new Google Doodle in order to introduce the painter’s work to people that might not have heard of him.

All that users had to do was go to Google’s main page and click on the changed logo, which was changed in order to praise Paul Cezanne’s work.

According to Google, more than 900 Google Doodles have been created since 1998. The latest global one is dedicated to Paul Cezanne.