Introduce your children to the newest Halloween Tradition, The Sugar Witch Switch.

Trick or Treating is the best part of Halloween, but having children hyped up on sugar for a week after the holiday often offsets the fun.

You can avoid the lingering sugar high by introducing children to the concept of the Sugar Witch.  Read “The Sugar Witch Switch.”

This newly published book tells the story of a young boy who makes a trade with the Sugar Witch.  The Sugar Witch needs candy to build her sugar castle, but has become too old to Trick or Treat.

The child in the story has already gobbled up enough candy and is ready to make a deal.  The child places his leftover candy into a magic box, the Sugar Witch makes the switch and in the morning, he discovers a toy.

The story highlights kindness and healthy habits. Reading the story to children is the best introduction to the new tradition, a concept that children will embrace and parents will love.

Kirkus Review described the book as “Charming.”  The book is available from,, and

Try the tradition this year and let us know how your family enjoyed their Sugar Witch visit.