New iPad 2 – What AT&T And Verizon Service Will To Cost You

The announcement last week of Apple’s newest offering, the iPad 2, was only the beginning of the Apple rage. Right after the announcement of the Mar 11th release, they released the new iOS 4.3 that the machine will run on, and unnamed sources revealed that Apple is working on a new system in conjunction with music producers, that will enable iTunes users to pay for their music once, and load the music to as many devices as they have. But, all these things are useless if you don’t have a data plan. Here’s the plans that will be offered by AT&T and Verizon.

AT&T Hasn’t Changed Much

AT&T did keep the old plans they already had in place, but the added another option to their structure. Here’s how it works now. There is a 250MB data plan for $15, the next step up in the plans is 2GB for $25. Now, here’s the twist. If the access ran out before then another package had to be purchased and a new month would start as soon as the purchase was made. Now AT&T has an option to get billed for overages at the rate of $10 per 1GB of usage. Plans are month to month, so if the small plan is picked one month a person can increase it or decrease it as needed.

Verizon’s Offerings

Verizon has much more structured plans ranging from $20 to $80. Here’s how this works: For $20 1GB and a $20 Per GB overage charge; 3GB for $35 and only $10 per GB on overages; 5GB for $50 and pay $10 per GB overage fees; Finally, the big one, 10GB for $80, and overages are $10 per GB. Like AT&T the purchases are on a month to month basis, so it is easy to adjust the plan to suit the customers needs.

One Or The Other

There are two versions of the iPad 2…an AT&T and a Verizon. Both will argue that their service is best, and their networks go here and there with no dead spots, etc. Once one version or the other is selected, that is the provider the unit accepts, no other. To change services the consumer must buy a new iPad. In the coming days expect to hear a lot more from the competitors on why their options are better.

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