New iPhone 5 Launch Date: August 7th?

It is expected that the Apple iPhone 5 will be available in the very near future. But when exactly?

Know Your Mobile quotes through an “industry source” that the iPhone 5 has an August 7 launch date, while other sources suggest different dates. A report from offers the rumor that the phone will be released on September 21, and data compiled from TechRadar suggests the new iPhone is likely to be released in either September or October of this year.

With this information from multiple sources, it may be safe to assume that the phone will most likely be released sometime this year before November, which means it could be released any day now!

Even though Steve Jobs passed away due to cancer at age 56 in October last year, the new iPhone 5 is expected to have his signature touches, as it was his last big project. “Ashok Kumar, (an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw), suggests the iPhone 5 will be a much bigger success than the record-setting iPhone 4S, with ‘cult classic’ qualities because of Jobs’ deep personal involvement in development,” said the International Business Times. The new smartphone is expected to be a “radical re-design” with new features, a larger screen, and a slimmer profile.

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Consumer Expert Ariel Relaford

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