New iPhone Case For Photographers Has Tripod & Light Sockets

New iPhone Case For Photographers Has Tripod & Light Sockets

Italian-based Manfrotto, a designer and manufacturer of professional camera and light support equipment, has developed their first accessory designed for the iPhone 4/4s.

The new KLYP case offers users a way to attach a tripod and a light directly to the case. Both accessories can be attached at the same time and the company aims to provide photographers and videographers a lightweight, portable way to steady and light their iPhone images and videos.

KLYP consists of a two-piece polycarbonate casing with an exterior “soft touch” coating and interior felt inserts to protect the iPhone. Phone controls remain accessible when the accessories are not in use. A key feature of the case is its patented rail system, which the company says allows the case to remain smooth without any protrusions along its edges.

Accessory “clips” can be attached at four different points on the case for use in both portrait and landscape modes. In addition, the snap-on tripod adaptor provides a standard ¼” thread, like most cameras, enabling use with a variety of tripods. And much like a camera, the snap-on light adaptor provides a standard flash shoe for use with Manfrotto LED lights.

KLYP is available in five different kits ranging in price from $34.99 to $129.99: as a case with two adaptor clips, with a compact ML120 LED light (a continuous output light source for use in low-light photography, videography, or Facetime applications), with the ML120 and the Manfrotto pocket tripod, or as the previous kits with the larger ML240 LED light in substitute of the ML120.

KLYP can be purchased directly from Manfrotto at or at one of its authorized dealers: f

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