Amazon just confirmed speculations that the Kindle Fire HD tablet that was recently anounced and will ship starting September 14 will show ads right on the lock screen. The problem is that there is no way to get rid of the ads.

The regular Amazon Kindle Readers policy is to allow users to pay a little more in order to get rid of ads. That is not possible with the Fire HD. Customers can opt for various readers ranging from $199 to $499 and all of them will show ads.

The official documentation released with Kindle Fire shows that most ads promote Amazon services and products like movies, music and e-books, but they will also allow third party ads.

Some specialists reported the fact that when a user hovers over a song, an app or other media in the content library, a small pop-up like window appears and it is basically an ad for something that is related. For instance, let us say that you are looking at a Taylor Swift song. When you hover over it, you might be asked if you also like Pink and whether you want to check something related.

The truth is that such an addition can help people to find something else that they like, if the related suggestion is accurate. However, there is no doubt that such ads will bother some people. This is mainly because the user experience appears as very different when compared with iPads or Android tablets.

The ads that will appear on the lock screen can be a huge problem because they are media rich and full color. It was not problematic on regular black and white Amazon Kindle readers, but on a full HD tablet, this is difficult to cope with. In addition, customers will not like the fact that they are not allowed to pay a little more in order to get rid of unwanted ads.

Will this make you twice about  buying one of the new Kindle Fires? Let us know in the comment section below.