Comedy Central has found its successor to Stephen Colbert, and it’s someone who will be familiar to its late-night audience: Larry Wilmore.

Colbert will end his run as host of The Colbert Report in December when he leaves to succeed David Letterman as host of The Tonight Show.

In January, Wilmore’s new show, The Minority Report, will debut in Colbert’s old time slot, following The Daily Show, which is hosted by Jon Stewart.

Wilmore has made regular appearances on The Daily Show, as the show’s “Senior Black Correspondent.” He’s also been a writer for In Living Color, The Bernie Mac Show, The Office, and others.

The idea for The Minority Report to follow The Daily Show actually came from Stewart, who said the show would “provide an opportunity for the underrepresented voices out there.”

The format of The Minority Report is expected to be a panel discussion of the day’s issues led by Wilmore, being done in a comedic and scripted way.

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