New MoviePass Plan: 3 Movies/Month For $9.95 – Opt In Required?

New MoviePass Plan: 3 Movies/Month For $9.95 – Opt In Required?

MoviePass is dumping the idea of a price increase and will stick with the current $9.95/month subscription cost, according to a press release Consumer Press received this morning.

Along with ditching the idea of raising the price to $14.95, MoviePass is also eliminating the short-lived surge pricing model.

The big change now? The number of movies MoviePass covers is dropping to three per month, down from the previous plan’s one per day.

That’s a pretty major drop in benefits. However, according to the release, only 15% of MoviePass users see more than three movies per month, and MoviePass expects there to be no impact for more than 85% of current subscribers.

The release does include an ominous statement… that the new plan “includes many major studio first run films”.

I’ve been a MoviePass subscriber for several years now, and, speaking for myself, I can live with the new plan… as long as that “many” means “a lot” of major studio first run films. If that doesn’t pan out, I’m out.

MoviePass has probably made money, or has at least broken even, on me. I rarely get to three movies a month. I just like the freedom of going to the movies without having to cough up the dough at the theater. The money is already spent, so I’m more likely to go.

If MoviePass had upped the price to $14.95/month, and that’s double for me since I also have a subscription for my daughter, it would have been over my price point and I would have cancelled. But if the price and benefits (that I actually use) stay about the same, I’ll keep my subscription.

What I did find interesting in the release was this:

Monthly subscribers will be given the opportunity to subscribe to the new plan when their current plan comes up for renewal beginning August 15, 2018. Annual subscribers will not be affected by this plan until their renewal dates.  Any subscriber can still cancel anytime.

That would suggest that, at some point, we subscribers are going to be asked to opt in to the new plan.

What happens if we don’t? Are subscriptions cancelled? Will the old plan with a movie a day continue? Not likely. Will the price increase? The release makes it very clear that they aren’t going to raise the price.

I contacted a MoviePass spokeswoman to ask about this, she replied:

Subscribers will be allowed to opt into the new plan when their current plan comes up for renewal.”

She didn’t address my questions about what happens if they don’t, and what the opt in process was like. I’ve re-asked and haven’t heard back, but will update this post if more information comes my way.

So… what do you think of the new MoviePass plan? Will you continue your subscription, or did you already cancel?

Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with your family, friends and followers. They’ll appreciate the heads up!

Update- MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe sent an email to subscribers this afternoon that said when it comes to first run films: “theaters with e-ticketing will include all movies and showtimes with no restrictions”. He also stated that the option to join the new plan will be provided through the MoviePass app….

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