U.S. eye specialists are stating that it might be a good idea to let younger children take a look at the new Nintindo 3DS Handheld system.

Michael Duenas, who is the associate director for health sciences and policy for the American Optometric Association (AOA), suggests letting children under the age of six get their hands on the new 3DS. Optometrists state that it wouldn’t do any harm, but Nintendo has stated that the handheld system, for safety reasons, should not be used by children age six and under because it may harm their developing vision.

However, Duenas sees the 3DS as helpful, not harmful. “The 3DS could be a Godsend for identifying children under the age of six who need vision therapy…. If your kid doesn’t see the 3-D effect on the 3DS, that’s a sign that he or she may have a vision disorder such as amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” or subtler problems that can cause problems with reading” Duenas states.

According to the American Optometric Association, (which is the professional group for optometrists), problems as  those listed above are much easier to fix if caught early on, preferably before age six.

However, it has been said that parents should limit their childrens time on the 3DS as with any other game system. “Let’s use some sound judgment here,” said Jim Sheedy, Director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University.