New Online Photography Course From Annie Leibovitz

MasterClass has teamed up with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz to offer a new photography class that is available online right now.

The Annie Leibovitz MasterClass photography class can be found online at Individual classes can be accessed for $90 or unlimited access to all MasterClass courses can be purchased for $180 per year with the All-Access Pass. Enrollment can also be gifted to others.

This is the first class Annie Leibovitz has ever offered online. In this course she will teach students, “what she looks for, what she sees, how to work with subjects, and how to use light,” according to the company. In addition, “Annie takes her students on a photoshoot with Chef Alice Waters and then back into her studio to explore creating concepts and digital post production.”

MasterClass says this class is not focused on the technical aspects of photography such as f-stops or gear specifics; it’s about creating compelling images that capture and evoke emotion—much like Annie’s famed work.

To purchase the new photography class offered by Annie Leibovitz or any other MasterClass courses, or to gift a class to someone else, visit

Consumer Expert Sierra Tajen

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