New (Sleeker? Colorful?) iPad To Be Revealed Today – Live Stream Available

New (Sleeker? Colorful?) iPad To Be Revealed Today – Live Stream Available

Apple will be introducing a new version of the iPad today at 10am Pacific Time.

The introduction to the new iPad, and perhaps a new iPad mini and new Mac computers, will be streamed live on

Rumors and leaked images suggest that the new iPad will be a sleeker version of the current model. Edges will be more rounded, it may be thinner, smoother… and it will feature a beefed up processor.

The new iPad may also feature a TouchID fingerprint sensor like the iPhone 5.

It will be interesting to see if Apple gives this new iPad a different name. The first generation of the iPad was called an iPad, then came the iPad 2. But the last two generations have just been labeled ‘iPad,’ causing some confusion when it comes to buying an iPad… just which one is the consumer getting? One has to figure out what ‘generation’ of iPad they are buying.

A unique name would be a big plus, in my opinion.

There’s also been speculation that the new iPads will come in different colors, à la the iPhone 5C. I’m leery of giving this rumor much credence. It would be nice – and create some buzz… but would also require a new material for the case, and we have not heard much in the way of leaks about that. I would not look for a red, green, blue, etc, iPad to come out of this release.

Along with today’s launch of the new iPad, it’s expected that Apple will also introduce a new iPad mini with a high-resolution Retina display and some new MacBook Pros with Retina displays and more powerful processors.

No word on pricing or release dates – normally Apple releases new products about a week after their reveal.

Apple’s live stream of the reveal will be at:

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