“The Walking Dead” Daryl (Norman Reedus)

TVPromosSubs posted a never before aired preview for “The Walking Dead’s” season 4 finale. Based on the action crammed into this thirteen second clip, viewers will have a sleepless Sunday night.

Daryl runs screaming Beth’s name through a dark grave yard.  His shouts are panic stricken. Beth’s optimism was instrumental in restoring Daryl’s waning humanity after the prison collapsed. If he can’t save her, Daryl’s character may take a dark turn.

It is unclear what is threatening Beth since the clip cuts to another scene, but this could be the Hunter moment fans have been waiting for. The Hunters are a group of calculating cannibals featured in the “The Walking Dead” comic book.

Long ago, show writers divulged a main character would die in the second half of season four. If Beth is in the hands of the cannibals, she is likely the one who will die.

After a montage of other scenes, we see a breathless Daryl with a cut up face earnestly staring into the distance. Hopeful viewers may believe he tracked Beth to her capture’s camp and is on the cusp of saving her. A more grim reality may be Daryl tracked Beth’s captures to avenge her death and his eyes are locked on his target.

Rick, Michonne, and Carl are also in the new “The Walking Dead” finale sneak peak. The clip suggests that Rick gets separated from Michonne and Carl. Michonne and Carl hug in the woods and an isolated Rick opens a door into a dark room. Rick is also seen alone, bloodied, and in shock. Maybe whatever he sees in that room causes his traumatized stare.

“The Walking Dead” finale airs Sunday March 30th at 9:00 PM on AMC.