The just released eighth album from the veteran band Spoon, “They Want My Soul,” demonstrates that the band still can create good music.

The group took a break after releasing “Transference” in 2010 to pursue their individual interests. Now back together, and with new guitarist and keyboardist Alex Fischel, they are just as powerful, if not better, than they were before.

This is also the first time the band has worked with producers Joe Chiccarelli and Dave Fridmann who have also worked with Frank Zappa, Jason Mraz, Flaming Lips, and MGMT among others.

The album opens with “Rent I Pay,” which starts off simple but grows into a tough song. From there, the band takes their music in a slightly different direction than their previous work.

The lyrics are more emotional than ever before, especially on songs like “Do You” or “Outliers.” Usually, Britt Daniel, the singer, is more guarded, he seems to be taking a step back and looking at his career more critically now.

Finishing with “New York Kiss,” probably the catchiest song on there, it demonstrates the variety this band is capable of. It is a more elaborate song than the opener, and forms a nice contrast that still holds together well.

Spoon is an old band, but the time that they have taken off has served them well. This album seems to be the group examining their journey and coming to the conclusion that everyone wants their soul, but they’re not going to give it up just yet.

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