New info has been released for the next three brand-new episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

The first episode is titled “Vision of Hope”. According to a summary, it will deal with the crew foiling the Empire’s plot to capture an exiled senator that plans to have a rebel meeting in Lothal. This description sounds like it describes Senator-In-Exile Gall Trayvis, a recurring character that is seen interrupting Imperial broadcasts and providing our heroes with intel for possible missions. In addition, the episode seems to address Ezra’s visions of the future and his Jedi training. The episode is scheduled for February 2nd.

The next two episodes, scheduled for February 9th and 23rd, are “Call to Action” and “Rebel Resolve”. There is no synopsis or further information on these episodes, beyond the hints of more rebellious mission against the Empire, and the possible ominous fate of the rebellion in the latter title. However, some exciting moments and climatic action should be expected as the series gets closer to its first season finale. The second season will premiere in April at the Star Wars Celebration convention, continuing the momentum of the series.

All of these episodes premiere at 9pm ET/PT on Disney XD. They can also be viewed a week early from their television date through the WatchDisneyXD website and app. “Vision of Hope” is now available through OnDemand services.

What do you think will occur in these episodes? Any speculation or theories? Please share them by commenting below!