Mario, Luigi, and all their friends will be making their Wii U debut at the system’s launch in New Super Mario Bros. U.

In New Super Mario Bros. U, Bowser and his miscreant clan of Koopas invade Castle Toadstool, kidnap Princess Peach, and toss Mario and his friends into the far off Acorn Plains. Mario and company must venture through seven deadly worlds on their journey back to Castle Toadstool to reclaim the castle and save the Princess one more time.

The trailer below showcases the franchise’s familiar side-scrolling antics and two new game modes – Challenge Mode and Boost Rush Mode. In Challenge Mode, players must complete trials by racing through levels to get the quickest time or collecting a certain number of coins. In Boost Rush Mode, the more coins players collect, the faster the game will move.

New Super Mario Bros. U will also feature a 5-player co-op mode, where 4 players take on the roles of Mario and his friends using Wii remotes, and the fifth player helps the team out by adding platforms to the levels using the Wii U GamePad’s touchscreen.

New Super Mario Bros. U will be released the same day as the Wii U on November 18 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon and other retailers.