New Tactical Safety Whistle Will Wake The Dead

New Tactical Safety Whistle Will Wake The Dead

Cybernetic Research Laboratories is set to release their Tactical Whistle next month, according to the company’s page on Kickstarter.

The Tactical Whistle is a military grade whistle with a sharp and long-range piercing sound that can be used in case of emergency. Available in aluminum, stainless steel or titanium, each one is manufactured to exacting aerospace AS9100 and numerous other military standards.

The company states that their design “provides three specific frequencies designed to increase sound levels over distance” and reduces the “effort required to generate an audible whistle signal.” The body is manufactured to withstand extreme heat, cold and force. The whistle’s knurled surface makes it easier to grip in cold and icy conditions, while its two-piece construction means there is nothing to break or lose.

The Tactical Whistle measures 2-3/4” long and 9/16” in diameter and weighs between ½ ounce (14.6 grams) and 1 ½ ounces (43.1 grams) depending on the model. The aluminum version will initially be available in four different finishes; clear silver, black, olive drab green and red.

Retail pricing for the Tactical Whistle is not yet available, but it’s expected to start at around $10.

Potential uses for such a whistle might be camping, hiking, personal security/crime prevention, even natural disaster preparedness (for rescue).

Cybernetic Research’s Tactical Whistle won’t be the only emergency whistle on the market. Nor, at 110 decibels, the loudest. Other whistles include Whistles For Life, and Storm Whistles, which both claim a loudness of 120 decibels. The Tactical Whistle does differ in being metallic, and will come in several versions including brass and titanium.

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