New Trailer For “The Internship” Released [video]

New Trailer For “The Internship” Released [video]

Some of you may be aware that JOBS will be hitting theaters soon.

For those who are unaware, the movie, which stars Ashton Kutcher, is about the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

People are looking forward to it, but they may be unaware about another movie that’s coming out in a few months: The Internship.

Why do we mention The Internship with JOBS?

Because it’s related to Google. The films action is set on Google’s Mountain View Campus.

The movie stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, the two comedians who are remembered for delivering the box-office hit ‘Wedding Crashers’.

Both Owen and Vince play 40 year old ex-salesman battling out for a chance to land a Google internship against 20 year old tech enthusiasts.

While JOBS is expected to be more on the serious side, The Internship looks like it’s going to give everyone a good laugh, well, the trailer does give a hint – it’s posted below.

The Internship is set to hit the theaters on June 7th.

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