Legit New Year’s Eve Fireworks Streaming Live – Hard To Find

Legit New Year’s Eve Fireworks Streaming Live – Hard To Find

Legitimate live streaming fireworks shows for this New Year’s Eve (2012 going into 2013) are hard to find.

Oh, there are plenty of illegitimate ones promoted. Shady urls planted in articles on various sites that pop up easily on Google that say they are offering free streaming fireworks shows. But when you get to them, you have to download some program you have never heard of to view them.

Do people really fall for that? Apparently they do. We have seen the same thing happen each July 4th and New Year’s Eve for years.

But we’ve done some digging to see what we could find that didn’t set our malware alarms off, and this is what we found.

Youtube has two live feeds going on at publication time, one from Norway and another from an undisclosed location. The fireworks shows appear to be collected in their Life – Travel & Events section. We will be watching for more to appear as we get into the evening hours here in the US.

Earthcam has a number of New Year’s Eve events streaming live, including a cam at New York’s Time Square. They don’t have a schedule of upcoming events, but it looks like they may have some fireworks live.

USTREAM has a pretty large number of New Year’s Eve events online at publication time, including a New Year’s greeting from the astronauts currently stationed aboard the ISS. We suspect they will have fireworks on some of their streams, as they have had during previous fireworks occasions.

What is missing from all of these that we would certainly love to see is a schedule of upcoming streams, so we would know what’s showing when.

Have you run across the malware/fake live fireworks streams? Have you found legit shows for New York, Chicago, San Francisco, LA , or other specific locations? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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