Newegg is now available to shoppers in the UK and Australia.

The online discount tech retailer was available only to US shoppers before now. No shipping to other countries was available.

At approximately 5 PM today, the company launched a pilot program with goal of expanding to other countries.

“We’re extending the Newegg customer experience beyond North America, selectively addressing English speaking countries overseas to begin that process,” said Soren Mills, Chief Marketing Officer for Newegg North America. “This is an important step forward for our company and we’re taking a very deliberate approach to our international growth.”

When visiting, shoppers in the UK and Australia will be able to select their country and currency from drop-down menus.

Newegg also said there will be a “Newegg Global” link in the top left menu that will filter products that are available in the shoppers location.

When shoppers are in Newegg subcategories – there will be a “Newegg Global Eligible” filter to limit items to those that ship internationally. Tax, shipping and duty charges are displayed before shoppers need to enter billing information.

Newegg is famous for its discount computer products and sales. If you’re in the UK or Australia – will you be one of their first international customers?

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