Next Up For Apple Fans: The iWatch & iPhone 6

WWDC 2014 has come and gone.

The big reveals at the conference: OSX Yosemite and iOS 8.

While each has some pretty cool features, they are mostly of interest to developers. That makes sense of course, WWDC is a conference for developers.

But what coming up for consumers? What can we get excited about?

How about the iWatch and iPhone 6?

In recent years the general trend for Apple has been an iOS preview in early t0 mid summer (WWDC), and a consumer release alongside the updated iPhone in late summer to early fall.

Consumers can expect this trend to continue. The next generation of iPhone is expected to be revealed later this year, along side the consumer release of iOS 8.

But the next really big thing won’t be the new iPhone. It will be the iWatch.

Samsung is already in the smartwatch market with their colorful Gear lineup. It’s time for Apple to step up to the plate.

It appears Apple is already in the process. Reports of Apple seeking production of possible components for a small watch like device have surfaced. Could this mean an iWatch is on the way this year?

If an iWatch were to be revealed this year, expect it along side the next iPhone release.

Is a smartwatch the right move for Apple? Can we expect one in 2014?

Leave a comment below with what would make an Apple iWatch your next buy.