Nexus 10 Offical Cover Available For $29.99It’s not unusual for Google Play Store to bring important items in stock without making a major announcement.

While we were looking at the details of the competition going on, something caught our eye, something that has been desired for long; the Nexus 10 official cover.

Yes, the official cover for the 10-inch tablet has been launched on Google Play. It snugs in the device seamlessly, so users don’t have to worry about unnecessary bulk.

The display of the device will be put in sleep mode when the cover is closed. It becomes active again after it’s re-opened.

There are 2 color options available to choose from; a Dark Gray and a Scarlety Orange (the original color is named as Scarlet).

The current price of the official cover is $29.99. The accessory is in stock at the moment, but given the trend on Nexus accessories, we can’t be sure how long it’s going to last.

Those interested can check it out from this link.

Are you going to buy one?