Nexus 7 Currently Out Of Stock, Will Return Soon

For one reason of another, the Nexus 7 Android phone is currently out of stock on the Google Play Store.

Most, if not all, of the listings for the device feature an ‘out of inventory’ tag, while urging customer to check back soon.

The shortage has caused many to believe that the absence of the Nexus 7 means that its successor, the Nexus 8, is soon to arrive. This theory seemingly ignores the fact that the Nexus 7 can still be bought from other online and physical retailers.

For those that are eagerly awaiting a new Nexus from Google, they may be a little disappointed to learn that the scarcity isn’t a sign of things to come, but rather, a simple inventory depletion.

A Google representative told TechRadar earlier today that the current iteration of the phone will reappear in the coming days. So, sorry. No new phones just yet.

“Sorry for the inconvenience,” the rep said. “Nexus 7 will be back in stock in the Play store in the next few days, and is still available from a host of online and high street retailers.”

What caused the Google Play stock of phones to almost suddenly disappear? Well, maybe a lot of people just ended up buying them while we weren’t looking.

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