Nexus 7 docking station sold out quickly for $29.99The Nexus 7 was launched last year without a docking station.

Many of those who were expecting an audio dock to come in stock last year were left wondering when it would be available.

Now the Nexus 7 dock has finally hit the Google Play store. Price? $29.99.

Yes, $29.99. The price was initially going to be $39.99, but Google has dropped the price by $10, perhaps because the audio dock has only limited functionality to offer Nexus 7 users.

However, there is bad news for those who are considering buying the docking station. The station is already listed as ‘temporarily out of stock.’

This isn’t a surprise, as Nexus devices and their accessories tend to sell out rather quickly. Remember the Nexus 4 out of stock debacle?

The docking station can be purchased directly from Play Store… when it is back in stock (doesn’t appear they are taking back-orders).

The Google Play Store just says “Please check back soon.”