The Eagles managed to pull out a win over the Colts last night, 30-27 – with a little help from the refs.

Monday night’s match-up was an exciting one, with theses 2 teams going back and forth in the 2nd half, but that was overshadowed by some bad officiating that affected the outcome of the game. .

The first mistake was a missed penalty call late in the game that helped the Eagles get a pivotal interception when the Colts were driving towards making it a 2 score game.

This was followed a short time later by  another questionable missed horsecollar call that helped them to tie the game.

Needless to say Indianapolis and even most of the ESPN commentators were outraged by these events.

The Colts did have a chance to win, even with these missteps, but quickly turned it over, allowing the Eagles to march down the field for the game-winning field goal.

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Did you watch last nights game? What did you think of the officiating?  Share your thoughts with us below.