It was barely a game last night in the Georgia Dome as the  Atlanta decimated the Buccaneers last night, 56-14.

The loss puts the Bucs at 0-3 and basically put an end to any playoff hopes for them as Atlanta put on one heck of a show.

Devin Hester set records for the Falcons, breaking Deon Sanders all-time return touchdowns record with Sanders watching as he was working the game as a commentator.

Hester emulated Sanders by high-steppin into the end-zone like Sanders used to do.

The team also set a franchise record for margin of victory.

The Bucs were outplayed from the start and simply never recovered, becoming spectators in their own game.

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Duid you see last night’s game?  What did you think of Atlanta’s epic performance?  Tell us your thoughts about the game below.