Week 1 of the 2014 NFL regular season is upon us and today will be the 1st full day of games in what is sure to be a long, exciting season.

Today’s games are being broadcast on CBS, Fox and NBC (check your local listings to see which games are being aired in your area).

Those being shown in the NY State area are highlighted:

Saints at Falcons 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Vikings at Rams 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Browns at Steelers 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Jaguars at Eagles 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Raiders at Jets 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Bengals at Ravens 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Bills at Bears 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox.

Redskins at Texans 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Chiefs at Titans 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Patriots at  Dolphins 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Panthers at Bucaneers 4:25 P.M. (EST) on Fox

49er’s at Cowboys 4:25 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Colts at Broncos 8:30 P.M. (EST) on NBC

Live streaming is available from NBC Sports Extra, Watch ESPN and Direct TV Sunday Ticket.

All NFL games can be seen using the Direct TV Sunday Ticket.  The Sunday Ticket requires a subscription, which starts at $199 and is available to all Direct TV customers.

Those who do not have Direct TV, but live in NY City, Philadelphia or San Francisco are eligible to purchase the service as well.

NBC Sports Extra can be used for games being broadcast by NBC.  the service is free but can only be accessed through your existing internet provider.

Watch ESPN is a free streaming service,  but can only be used with games shown on ESPN.

Week 1 should be an interesting one for fans; here are some thing to look for:

The Vikings (Mike Zimmer), Buccaneers (Lovie Smith), Redskins (Jay Gruden) and Texans (Bill O’Brein) all have new head coaches making their debut.

Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning’s replacement when he left the Colts, will come to Denver and battle his predecessor for the 2nd year in a row on opening day.

Geno Smith makes his debut as the Jets starting quarterback, giving fans their first real look at his potential.

Also, Brian Hoyer, who will start as quarterback for the Browns, will be heavily watched, as even the slightest misstep may mean bringing in Johnny Manziel off the bench.

Consumer Press will bring you all the latest so check back with us.

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