Week 5 of the 2014 NFL season brings yet another scandal and as the league’s image continues to get tarnished fans are desperately trying to keep their attention strictly on the games.

Sunday’s games are being broadcast on CBS, Fox and NBC (check your local listings to see which games are being aired in your area).

Those being shown in the NY State area are highlighted:

Browns at Titans 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Bears at Panthers 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Rams at Eagles 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Buccaneers at Saints 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Falcons at Giants 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Bills at Lions 1 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Texans at Cowboys 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Ravens at Colts 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Steelers at Jaguars 1 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Cardinals at Broncos 4:o5 P.M. (EST) on Fox

Chiefs at 49ers 4:25 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Jets at Chargers 4:25 P.M. (EST) on CBS

Bengals at Patriots 8:30 P.M. (EST) on NBC

Live streaming is available from NBC Sports Extra, and DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

All NFL games can be seen using the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.  The Sunday Ticket requires a subscription, which starts at $199 and is available to all DIRECTV customers.

Those who do not have DIRECTV, but live in NY City, Philadelphia or San Francisco are eligible to purchase the service as well.

NBC Sports Extra can be used for games being broadcast by NBC.  The service is free but can only be accessed through your existing internet provider.

Verizon customers who have the Verizon Wireless More Everything Plan can also watch games through live stream for free, as they dropped the $5 service fee for this season.

Here’s your week 5 preview and key match-ups:

– The Giants looked really good Thursday night in their win over te Redskins and it seem to have gotten into a real rhythm offensively.

Atlanta, on the other hand, has 3 key players on the injured-reserve list and are not known for pressuring opposing QB’s, so the Giants should have another easy win.  Giants 31-Falcons 20.

-The Jets have not been as fortunate as the Giants when it comes to finding their rhythm and I don’t see that changing this week against the Chargers.

San Diego has one of the leagues hottest QB’s right now in Phillip Rivers and are great at home, so this game should be theirs.

However, I like rooting for the underdog and the Jets have nothing to lose- so I’m calling for them to pull off the upset.  Jets 24-Chargers 21.

-With Denver playing at home and coming off a bye week look for QB Peyton Manning to have a big game.  He has too many quality receivers and plays too well at home for the Cardinals to win.  Broncos 34-Cardinals 27.

-While the Patriots may not e the team they once were, they are better than they looked Monday night against the Chiefs.  They are also dominant when it comes to playing AFC teams at home.

The Bengals, meanwhile, are 1-5 when they play night-time road games.  They’ll be 1-6 after this one.  Pats 24-Bengals 20.

What are your predictions for this Sunday’s games?  Share your thoughts with us below.