The NFL lockout of players has all but consumed the preseason training sessions. Talks continue between owners and players as they try to sort out the pieces and await Judge Kermit Bye’s decision regarding the legality of the lockout.

Tuesday, sources close to the situation revealed that several owners and players met secretly at an undisclosed hotel in New York City. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with DeMaurice Smith, the head of the NFL Players Association, along with certain owners and players. Cheif Magistrate judge Arthur Boylan also joined the meeting.

Tuesday’s meeting wasn’t the first of its kind for players and owners. The two sides met previously outside Chicago for a 3-day go at resolution. Both sides have decided that talking this out will accomplish more than court orders.

The lockout is entering its third month, and the first preseason game is only 2 months out. The NFL has posted a tentative game schedule in anticipation of the end of the lockout.

Both sides are awaiting the decision of the federal appeals court, which said it would give its ruling in “due course.” Both sides have been advised to come to an agreement. Judge Bye told both sides that if they didn’t, the decision of the court would probably be “something both sides aren’t going to like.”