Reports claim that Cedric Benson of the Cincinnati Bengals is facing a three-game suspension for player-conduct violations that took place during the NFL lockout. If Benson cannot appeal the suspension it is likely that he can expect to miss Weeks 4 through 6 of the season.

A source told John Clayton of ESPN that Benson will have an appeal hearing on Tuesday with the NFL to determine if he will be suspended or not. Another source also believes that Benson has a “strong case” to appear the awaiting suspension.

In 2010 Benson was arrested for reportedly punching an employee at a bar in Austin, Texas. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not punish him for this offense.

Earlier this year in July, the running back was arrested for punching a former roommate in Austin, to which Brenson served four days in prison on a plea deal prior to the start of the regular season.

On Sept. 3, Benson was released from a Texas prison after serving five days to settle two misdemeanor assault cases. Benson was originally sentenced to a 20-day jail sentence, but his sentence was reduced due to his eagerness to perform community service by mopping floors and helping paint crews.

Benson will still play in the game this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.