Truly one of the oddest fashion trends lately has been the popularity of the ugly sweater.

From ugly sweater parties to ugly sweater days at school or work, those tacky woolen tops that your grandmother gave you for Christmas have gone from the darkest depths of the sweater drawer to the forefront of the winter wardrobe.

Now you can take this trend one step further by dressing in the new NFL ugly sweater line.

Really, your options here are endless.

You can celebrate ugly wins, cry over ugly losses, wear your favourite NFL team colours in their new ugliness, or gloat about how ugly your least favourite NFL team’s sweater is.

There are two styles in this line.

The first is called Busy Block and is basically what you would get if you put together a quilt for an NFL team.

The other style is called wordmark and includes the team’s name across the chest with other logos in rows. Most of the sleeves are a solid colour with the exception of the Cincinnati Bengals abomination with tiger stripe arms.

The NFL ugly sweaters by Forever Collectibles are available now on pre-order at many sporting goods outlets. They are officially licensed and are retailing for about $59.99.

This could ramp up the competition for the title of ugliest sweater at your next party.

While this entire line is tacky looking, my vote for the ugliest of the NFL ugly sweaters is the Miami Dolphins sweater.

Which NFL ugly sweater would earn your vote?