If you are a Jake Gyllenhaal fan, then you most definitely found yourself admiring his ability to take on the sociopathic character of Louis “Lou” Bloom in Night Crawler.

When the film ended you likely were chilled by the creepy and calculating antics of Gyllenhaal”s character.

I can’t stop thinking about the thriller film.  It is not because Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo’s performance was amazing, though it was.

Yes, the movie was violent and it had graphic language.  Lou preyed on people, premeditating his future one opportunistic step at a time.   He had victims in his path at nearly every step up the professional ladder of desperation.

An LA Times critic, Kenneth Turan, describes the film as a “disturbing reality” which is the real reason why theater-goers will not forget this film for days to come.

There are surprises at every turn which may cause you to look behind your back for quite awhile.

The screenwriter and director behind this unique film is Dan Gilroy, who made his directorial debut with Nightcrawler.  He also happens to be married to Rene Russo, the one object of Lou’s affection in the film.

The film has earned 19.6M at the Box Office.  Rotten Tomatoes reflects a favorable rating of 94%.

Are you eager to see more films written and directed by Dan Gilroy?