Nike Decides To Pass On The Android App For The FuelBand

Yesterday on twitter Nike stated that they are not working towards an Android app for the FuelBand, and instead are focusing on their app for the iOS.

Last March Nike released a statement say that it was working towards an app for the Android platform, stating that it would be ready by the end of summer 2012. Now that it’s Feburary 2013, fans of the FuelBand are wondering where their Android app is.

“To deliver the best experience for all Nike+ FuelBand users, we are focusing on the FuelBand experience across iOS and the Nike+ site, where you can sync your activity, set new goals, and connect with friends,” is the statement that Nike made to Droid Life. They continued by stating that they have no intentions at this time to make an Android app.

The FuelBand is popular with athletes, as it counts calories, steps, and stores it so that the data can be uploaded to the Nike+ site and your goals can be tracked. It makes people wonder what on earth Nike could be thinking releasing a statement they they have no intentions to make an app for the largest mobile system.

Is there an underground deal with Apple we aren’t aware of?

Or is it just too complicated?

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