Apparently Nike has never heard the old saying: “don’t mess with a good thing”, because they have done the unthinkable and updated the classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars-for the first time in 98 years!

Yes, you read that right- you see, Nike bought out Converse back in 2003 when the company went bankrupt, so Converse and Nike are actually one and the same.

Don’t panic though- thankfully, the update has more to do with comfort than design-so the new Chuck II’s still look like old-school All-Stars.

The big change is the addition of a material called Lunarlon, which was developed by Nike.

This material is a foamy, cushioned material that will make your Chuck II’s feel a lot more comfy; Nike currently uses Lunarlon in their running and basketball shoes.

The other changes are minor: a non-slip tongue and a perforated suede liner to help improve breathability.

The Chuck II’s will come in high tops for $75 and low tops for $70- about $15 higher than before.

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