Pokemon: 6th generation announced!Nintendo Direct announced today that Pokemon X and Y will be released for the 3DS in October.

This will be the series first adventure in 3D, finally taking advantage of the systems capabilities, and making fans of the long running Pokemon series very happy.

Also released were screen shots of the Gen VI starter Pokemon. Pictures released showed a blue Frog looking sprite called Froakie, a red and orange Fox sprite called Fennekin, and a green, and brown plant based sprite named Chespin (looks like chipmunk with a hat).

This keeps with the tradition of starting the game with a water, fire and earth based Pokemon.

The most fantastic part of the announcement, (coming from a fan of the game), is the fact that the October release date is worldwide. Usually fans of the game get to watch as those in Japan enjoy the game for six months to a year before it being released in North America.

The buzz coming from fans surrounds the announcement, trailer (see below), and the screen shots of the new starters. Speaking with some of the fans personally, they are very much looking forward to a 3D adventure in the land of Pokemon.

Here is a look at the new game, that includes a view at the fantastic graphics.