Nintendo has announced that it will drop the price on Nintendo DS Lite’s on Sunday, June 5th. The price will go down to $99, $30 less than it is selling for right now.

The Nintendo DS Lite was first launched in 2006. It has two screens, one being a touchscreen, and allows nearby players to play games together through a wireless connection. Since then, several new generations of the Nintendo gaming system have been released. The DSi and the large screen version, DSi XL, will keep their current pricing, $150 and $170, respectfully.

The latest version came out last March – the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS delivers a 3D gaming experience without 3D glasses. It can also take 3D photos and a future feature will be the ability to access 3D movies through Netflix.

Back in April, there were rumors about the discontinuation of the Nintendo DS Lite. Those rumors were apparently premature. But one must wonder now if we are nearing the end of life for the DS Lite.

With the price dropping to $99 on Sunday, what are consumers to do if they just bought one for $30 more than that?

Many major retailers offer price drop guarantees. Best Buy is one of those. Amazon used to but the price drop guarantee it was discontinued some time ago. Circuit City, eToys, Kohls, Sears, TigerDirect, and Target are all reported to offer price drop rebates, but time periods and details vary.