Nintendo Wii U Allows Dual Screen Play

Nintendo unveiled a new device at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles Tuesday that will allow gamers the ability to use dual screen play on their Wii systems for an enhanced gaming experience.

The new Nintendo Wii U is a handheld remote control similar to a large smartphone that offers the gamer the ability to play the game on two screens at once. The remote works with the Wii console and has a 6.2 inch screen that brings the gamer up close and personal with what is happening on screen. Players can zoom in on the game play and use the remote to interact with the game. Objects in the game can be tossed from the remote to the television screen with nothing more than a swipe of the finger. Using the remote control, players can perform actions that will then take place on the television screen.

The Wii U remote also connects to the internet and will allow interactivity in that way as well. The ability to use the remote to toss objects onto the screen will go beyond simply game play. Videos and photos can easily be tossed on screen from the remote while connected online.

Nintendo is hoping the Wii U appeals to a new set of gamers and helps enhance their gaming experience through the new dual screen play.

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