Nintendo recently announced that their brand new game console, the Wii U, will be relesed in Europe and USA in November.

The device is highly marketed as much more than just a console though. It is capable of connections with various video streming services and can work as an entertainment center for the home.

The announcement was made during online presentations that were held simultaneously in Europe, North America and Japan. The Wii U will be available in a basic version that will cost $299.99 with 8 GB internal memory, and in a special version that will cost $349.99 and will include 32 GB of internal memory.

Wii U includes 1 game controller that is equipped with a touchscreen. Users can use the device to stream the video content that is available on Amazon, Netflix and HULU right onto their TV set. Touchpads offer additional content like statistics for various sports boradcasts, scores, key moment timelines for TV shows and even movie previews.

The official US launch date is November 18 and the Europe release date is November 30. Gamers from both regions will be able to buy the Wii U before shoppers in Japan. Nintendo intends to launch the gaming device on December 8 in the home country.

Talking about games, Reggie Fils-AIme, President of Nintendo of America, declared:

“It’s still a little too early to guarantee exactly which games will be here for you on launch day itself and which will come shortly thereafter but I can assure you that this launch library, beginning on day one, will be the strongest for any Nintendo home platform in our history.”

It is expected that around 50 games will be available between the launch and March, 2013.